Databases for Research in Homeopathy

A specialized literature database on basic research in homeopathy “HomBRex” catalogues this field. This database is hosted and maintained by the Karl und Veronica Carstens-Stiftung (Essen/Germany). Access to the database is free, requiring only a user registration.


There are two specialized literature databases focusing on clinical research in homeopathy:

  1. “CORE-Hom”:This database was established by the Karl und Veronica Carstens-Stiftung (Essen/Germany) and is freely accessible after registration. However, the database was not updated in recent years.
  2. University of Bern database on clinical research in homeopathy which is freely accessible.

Currently, the University of Bern database holds more than 460 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and more than 170 nonrandomized studies (NRSIs) on a large variety of diagnoses.